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All characters depicted are 18 or older, even if otherwise specified.

The [Redacted] File + BONUS The Jordan File

The [Redacted] File + BONUS The Jordan File


Two of my document styled comics put together!

[Redacted] is forced to proceed with experiments that she didn’t know the parameters of, and as consequence she ends up transforming into a horse anthro woman! On the other hand, Jordan very much knew of his circumstances and volunteered himself. He always wanted to feel more womanly and never felt right in his body. Soon he begins to transform as well! However, his fate is much more… bovine. Let’s see how each story’s protagonist reacts to their transformation!

The [Redacted] File

  • 6 page document style comic
  • all single images in full resolution
  • bonus ending in single images
  • 2650X3600

[BONUS] The jordan File

  • 9 page document style comic
  • 1280X1800
  • PDF Format


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