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Quiet 3D Project Update!

As many of you know, I have been working on a 3D Quiet anthro horse project for quite some time now. Here are some snippets of what has been posted previously to my Subscribers!

The project is coming close to the final stages and she’s almost ready for full animations!

Once she is complete, my supporters will be the first to get the high quality animations and image sets, so consider supporting me over on SubscribeStar if you aren’t already!

A big thank you goes out to those who have made this project possible!

Strawberry Shortcake 2020 Image Set

2 part image set with 3 unique images and over 20 alts!

First image is the phone selfie at 1080x1920px resolution.
Second image is on the left at 2304x4096px resolution with 4 alts (dickgirl and female)
Third image is the right image at 3100x4096px resolution with 22 alts!

The third image contains alts for: dickgirl, anal sex, lactation, scat, strawberry icing, toots, cum, and more!

If you want to support me, check out the links below. Follow me on Twitter to see what other stuff I do too!

Comic Updates!

Hello, everyone!
Every week I update all of my comics! The Jordan File has been completed and is now available for everyone’s viewing pleasure! Pokiemen and Chemistry Class are still ongoing but have been updated quite a few times since I last posted! Go check them out!

Of course you can access colored and high resolution versions of these comics on patreon, and also read pages 1 week earlier than public releases! If you like my stuff, consider checking it out.

Comic Updates!

Hi everyone!

The comic section on my website has been recently updated. I now have another project being posted here called “The Jordan File”, where secret documents reveal that a boy named Jordan is being transformed into a cute anthro cow futa! It’s more text heavy than the other projects I have on here right now, so check it out! c:

The Jordan file has 6 pages on here currently. (Page 9 on Patreon)
Pokiemen Futa League is now at page 21 (Page 22 on Patreon)
And Chemistry Class on Page 12 (Page 13 on Patreon)

Considering pledging and supporting me in order to get early access as well as the high resolution images to not only my comics, but my regular works too!