Please read before commissioning me. 

I am not accepting commissions at this time. This commission sheet is outdated, so I do not have my prices listed. If you are still curious about my guidelines, go on and continue reading.

All commission information must be sent through email to “”. Do not send me an email asking if I’m open. If I’m open or available, it’ll say in the image above. The email must have the word “Commission” in the title or else it might not be seen. References must be sent as attachments, not copy pasted into the text of the email. Preferred references would be of the character you want, pose you want, and anything you think would be helpful for me to create the image. Please keep the text short and straight to the point. All details of what you want must be kept in the first email, so make sure you’ve got everything down then. This is to reduce hassle and the likeliness of me forgetting things so I’m not jumping from email to email trying to figure out every little detail I need to include.


Payment is done strictly through PayPal. Never send me money unless it is payment to an invoice I sent you. Any payments I receive that are not from an invoice will be refunded immediately. I do not take down payments. Attached to the invoice will be a 4% PayPal fee for the purpose of making it so I’ll be receiving the proper amount as advertised on the sheet above, or close to it. 

Work Schedule. 

Since I’m not open for commissions, this is my work schedule for Patreon.
6 days a week – 8 to 10 hours per day.
I am on my email everyday.

Animation Commissions. 

For animation commissions, they come in two varieties. Line Art, and Flat Color. First you send me the details. References are a must, as the pose and character are very necessary. I will then draw two key frames, the beginning and the end. At this point, I will be able to provide an accurate quote for how much it will be. Payment will be exchanged, frequent updates will be given, and the work will be completed. Each frame is equal (or slightly less) to a full line art or flat color.